Best momos in Bangalore

Momos are a popular Tibetan dish that has become a favorite among people of all ages in Bangalore. They are made with a thin wrapper and filled with a variety of ingredients, such as meat, vegetables, and cheese. Momos can be steamed, fried, or served in a soup.

If you are looking for the best momos in Bangalore, here are a few places to check out:

  • Momorita: This ISO-certified momo manufacturer offers a wide variety of momos with simple and traditional taste.
  • Momo Hut: This popular spot offers momos with thin wrappers and generous fillings.
  • Delicious Momos: This restaurant offers a variety of steamed and fried momos, as well as momos in a soup.
  • Oye Momos: This supplier offers frozen momos that are known for their quality, taste, and hygiene.
  • MomoDomo: This leading manufacturer offers frozen momos and spring rolls with authentic Himalayan taste and high profit margins in retailing.

No matter what your taste preferences may be, you are sure to find the best momos in Bangalore at one of these places.

How to choose the best momos

When choosing momos, look for the following:

  • A thin wrapper
  • A generous filling
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Hygienic preparation

How to cook frozen momos

To cook frozen momos, simply steam them for 8-10 minutes, or until they are cooked through. You can also fry them in a pan with a little bit of oil, or serve them in a soup.


Momos are a delicious and versatile dish that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you are looking for the best momos in Bangalore, be sure to check out one of the places listed above.


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