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Looking for the Best Frozen Momo Supplier in Bangalore?

MomoritaIntroductionFrozen momos are a popular trend among Gen Z in Bangalore. Making momos is tough and time-consuming, and business owners often find it challenging to find skilled manpower to make them. Maintaining extra staff for their business is difficult, so they prefer using ready-made frozen momos. These momos just need to be steamed or fried for preparation, and they don’t require additional manpower to add them to the menu.

What is the difference between frozen and fresh-frozen momos?

In the market, there are two types of frozen momo suppliers: those who provide only frozen momos, and those who offer fresh-frozen momos.

  • Frozen momos are made in advance and stored in a freezer for later use. They can be stored for a long time, but they may not taste as fresh as fresh-frozen momos.
  • Fresh-frozen momos are made to order and then frozen immediately. This ensures that they taste fresh and have a longer shelf life.


Why you should choose Momorita?

Momorita banner

Momorita is a fresh-frozen momo supplier that is quickly becoming the best-frozen momo supplier in Bangalore. They are a relatively new player in the market, but they have already partnered with over 1800 restaurants, cafes, and hotels thanks to their simple and traditional taste.

Here are two things that set Momorita apart:

Momorita Price List
Price list of Momorita’s Frozen momos
  • Price: Momorita offers momos at an incredibly low price, with a buying price of 29 rupees per plate and a selling price ranging from 65 to 70 rupees. This means that you can enjoy a high profit margin on your momo sales.
  • Taste: Momorita’s momos have a customer-centric and well-researched taste. The recipe is simple and traditional, making it easy for chefs to customise and create over 100 different types easily and scale them.

How to contact Momorita

Momorita is available all over India. You can contact them today to learn more about their products and services.

Momorita website

Momorita Website

Visit their website to place an order today!

ConclusionMomorita is the best choice for restaurant, cafe, and hotel owners looking to buy frozen momos in Bangalore, Karnataka. They offer high-quality momos at a competitive price, and they have a long history of providing reliable service.



Which frozen momo is best?

Momorita provides all highly scalable and highly demanded fresh-frozen momos like Veg, Chicken, cheese momos. Momorita is known for its quality, customer centric taste and high profitability for businesses.

Is frozen momos healthy?

Momorita’s frozen momos are freshly prepared with high quality products no artificial colour or preservatives. However, it is important to note that frozen momos are still high in calories and fat, so it is best to enjoy them in moderation.

What is the shelf life of frozen momos?

Momorita’s frozen momos shelf life is 3 months.

What is the name of the frozen momos?

Momorita offers Chicken Momos, Veg Momos, Paneer Momos, Mix Veg Momos, Corn Cheese Momos and Cheese Momos.

Can I buy frozen momos?

Yes, you can easily buy fresh Frozen momos from Momorita. You can place an order online or contact them on WhatsApp (+91 88673 61454).

Which is the biggest momo company?

Momorita is a new company, but it is quickly becoming one of the biggest momo companies in Bangalore. This is because of their customer centric well researched taste and high profitability for restaurants and high quality.

Does Momo contain Ajinomoto?

Yes, Momorita’s frozen momos contain Ajinomoto in very small quantities to enhance the taste. However, if you are allergic to Ajinomoto, you can contact them to request a non-Ajinomoto version.

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