Start Your Own Momorita Mini Factory and Earn Big Profits!

Momorita is a leading food processing company that offers a mini factory franchise opportunity. With this franchise, you can start your own momo manufacturing unit and sell the products to Momorita. Momorita will provide you with the training, recipes, and support you need to be successful.

The startup costs for the Momorita mini factory franchise are low. You will need to purchase the necessary machinery and equipment, but this is a one-time investment. The profit margins for this business are high, so you can expect to make a good return on your investment.

To be successful in this business, you will need to follow all of Momorita’s guidelines. You will also need to have a good understanding of food safety and quality control.

If you are looking for a profitable and hassle-free food business opportunity, then the Momorita mini factory franchise is a great option.

Machinery you need:

  • Vegetable chopping machine
  • Chicken minced machine
  • Food processing machine
  • Momo steaming machine
  • Momo drying machine
  • Some containers
  • Gas & ovens
  • Deep freezer
  • Sealing machine
  • Others

Manpower you need:

  • Momo makers (15000 to 20,000)
  • Kitchen helper (8000 to 12000)

Raw materials you need:

  • Maida, vanaspati, oil, cabbage, onion, chicken, milky mist paneer, pizza cheese, sweet corn, cauliflower, beans, carrots, green peas, ginger, garlic, testing powder, white pepper, salt, chilly flex, pizza seasoning, others

Space you need:

  • Minimum 650 sqft needed

Momorita Doc – Mini Factory setup

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